Cast her, represent her, write for her, meet her, find out about her, she played Master Flower in the Magic Theater production of my play “The Lily’s Revenge” and was a total dream to work with. Definitely one of my favorite actors (and she didn’t even ask me to write any of this).


Marilee Talkington in the press:

... the cerebral and sexy Marilee Talkington, who segues virtuosically between roles, including that of a brain surgeon.

Huffington Post: X's & O's, Berkeley Rep

Marilee Talkington approaches comic perfection in lovingly crafted twin roles.

The Bay Guardian: The Secretaries, Crowded Fire

Talkington has a more layered character and handles the job adeptly.

New York Times: A Nervous Smile, TBTB

Talkington more than holds her own. She’s equally believable as shy pre-debutante and as a disillusioned suburban housewife. The Middle Ages, TBTB

What makes this production remarkable is the performance of Marilee Talkington. Talkington [has] phenomenal skill as a physical comedian.

Huffington Post: The Secretaries, Crowded Fire

... names like Trump and Fiorina are bound to spring to mind - It’s a tribute to Talkington’s persuasive, committed performance that she comes off as empathetic as often as she does.

San Francisco Chronicle: Little Erik, Aurora Theater

Talkington... commanding the stage in the role of a brain researcher for two incisive, disturbing lectures on the topic... And she executes a bully cameo as Teddy Roosevelt.

San Francisco Chronicle: X's & O's, Berkeley Rep

Marilee Talkington’s frazzled, forceful performance embodies a restless intelligence and sexuality wrestling with an existential crisis of self-doubt.

Mercury News: Rapture Blister Burn, Aurora Theater

Marilee Talkington offers an emotionally grounded, generous performance as Nic. A Nervous Smile, TBTB

Talkington captures the nuances of her character, her non-verbal reactions speak volumes.

Theatremania: A Nervous Smile, TBTB

Talkington is Sublime... Powerful... Hyper-Sensual... Hilarious... Mature and graceful. TRUCE, Solo Show (22 characters)

Talkington is an astonishingly deft performer.

Theatredogs: TRUCE, Solo Show (22 characters)